Kate Upton’s Reminder: Natural Boobs Are Way Hot!

Kate Upton: Natural Boobs Are Just FineTake a look at Kate Upton on the catwalk, turn back on time to when all boobs were natural and we still inhabited a happy planet. We’re not complaining about implants, never! Variety is bliss! But sometimes there seems to be a misconception that natural boobs are a thing of the past and that’s just not right.

Check Ms. Upton out as she strolls flawlessly through the catwalk with that motherload. Glance at the new jewel of the Swimsuit edition of ‘Sports Illustrated’ and the star of Kim Kardashian’s swimsuit line ‘Beach Body’, and think again.

By the way, does 33D rings a bell?

Two videos and some pics right here…

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